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Drawing An Architectural Roof Plan

If you’ve ever looked over a set of house plans, you should find several pages containing a floor plan or plans, electrical plan, exterior views or elevations, etc. The roof plan is sometimes overlooked on some plans but it is actually a very important feature to a full set of plans. A roof plan is • Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Set of House Plans

Depending on how much detail your builder or local building inspector requires, the minimum set of plans should include the floor plan, exterior elevations, foundation or basement plan, and a roof plan drawn to scale. Just so you’ll know, a scale is nothing more than a shrunken ruler so that 1′ -0″ (12 inches) is • Read More »

Creating House Plans

The field of technical illustration known as architectural draftsmen or drafters are the specialists who draw the architectural and structural features of a building for new construction. These professionals may specialize in various types of building, like residential, structural, or commercial. A major part of these people use a tool called a CAD or Computer • Read More »

Working Drawings For Architecture

In architectural drafting, the working drawings are all plans, elevations, and details needed by the contractor along with the specifications, so that an estimate can be obtained and then the building can be constructed. These need to show all dimensions and be properly scaled. Any oddities of construction must be made clear on these drawings • Read More »