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Getting Noticed in a Crowded Internet

Getting seen on the search engines is a challenge. There’s got to be a gazillion websites on the internet and counting. You may think the odds are stacked against you to even get listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo. And if you do get listed, you get buried in the maze of hundreds • Read More »

Using Meta Tags

For search engines to categorize and place your website into it’s search strings, you need to have certain lines of code in your html header. This code tells the search engines: 1. What your site’s all about. 2. What keywords you feel are relevant to your site. Many programmers make the mistake of placing too • Read More »

An Easy Article Tutorial

You’re here to get exposure for your site using article marketing. Right? Well, lets see if I can help you with that. Step 1 Write an article about the subject of your site or product. Simple, right? Well, it can be simple, but the trick to it is that you really don’t want to seem • Read More »

Writing About How Easy It Is, Don’t Make it So

It seems that the VERY popular fashion of article writing is not unlike real world clothing fashion in that; the same things keep coming around with seasonal regularity. In fact, more so with the fast paced development of the ‘home business’ or ‘work at home’ article topic conveyor. I’m probably guilty of the above for • Read More »