The Creation of Your First Ebook

Practice makes perfect. Maybe you would want to start off easy. One of my first ebooks was on notes I had made about bible versions. I had already written an article on the subject and also had lots of research notes with sources. Article + Notes + Sources = A New Reference Ebook. On the same token, after that I had compiled a whole heap of jokes which, after I built a HTML frame set, became a joke book in eBook format.

I tried an experiment last year with an ebook. I was an architectural designer by trade before I went into the ministry full time and had quite a bit of knowledge in the house plan drafting field. Aside from a full blown drafting course I had created some years back I made a course in drawing a simple house plan on the drafting board complete with illustrations. I compiled it into an eBook and gave it away as freeware. Man did it ever get downloaded. So much so that it overwhelmed the bandwidth on that particular website. I may even put that rascal back online now that I have a bigger site with more bandwidth.

One of my best sellers is an eBook on how to draw house plans, called House Plan Drafting 101, How to Draw House Plans in a No Nonsense way. I’d already had this online in HTML format for years as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I spent hours and hours proofing, checking, and refining it until it became a complete course. The website became massive with all the downloads and navigation needed to complete the course and the drawback to it was the amount of time needed online to complete the course. The solution? Compile it in eBook format so that there was one download for the student and all the resources were contained in the book. This way the student didn’t have to be online all the time to learn.

To sum this up, you probably already have some of the material needed to write your first ebook. You just need to remember what you did with it and polish it up.


Tim Davis is a Baptist Minister and a trained Architectural Designer & Web builder/programmer who has been building Architectural and Christian websites since 1995.

Ebook: The Almost Forgotten Church

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I’m your host and webmaster. I’m someone who enjoys life to it’s fullest and love programming, drafting, farming, and an ordained Baptist pastor and sheriff’s department chaplain.

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