The Holy Speeding Ticket

I’m a sheriff’s chaplain now, but used to be a police chaplain, and also a part time police officer in a small rural town. There are some interesting stories that have taken place with this duty as an officer. Here is one of them.

One evening while I was on community patrol, I happened to notice a four door sedan traveling through the town at what seemed a rather high rate of speed. When I check on the radar the car was traveling 52 mph in a 35 mph speed zone. One of my duties as part time officer is to enforce the speed laws, so on goes the blue lights.

After stopping and approaching the vehicle, I came to find this dear sweet grandmother type lady behind the wheel. I told her my name and that I had pulled her over for traveling 52 in a 35. What happened after that was nothing more than something to ponder on.

  • Chaplain: Ma’am, the reason I pulled you over was that you were speeding and……..
  • Sweet Little Old Lady: But you don’t understand young man, I just came from prayer meeting and I was being controlled by the Holy Spirit.
  • Chaplain: That’s good ma’am but the reason I pulled you over was…………
  • Sweet Little Old Lady: Really sir, I was so much in the Spirit that I didn’t have control.
  • Chaplain: So let me get this straight ma’am. You weren’t in control of the vehicle and the Holy Spirit was guiding you and that’s why you were speeding?
  • Sweet Little Old Lady: Yes, and I really don’t think you understand young man. It wasn’t my fault because I was totally under the control of the Holy Spirit.
  • Chaplain: But ma’am. You went past two speed limit signs that said 35 mph and ……………
  • Sweet Little Old Lady: But you really don’t understand young man …..
  • Chaplain: (Interrupting with a grin) Ma’am, I’m a pastor of a local Baptist church and chaplain of this police department!!! I do understand and what I under stand is this; That speed limit sign was placed there by the city. The city is what the bible calls the “powers that be”. The Bible says to obey the powers that be! “Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” The Holy Spirit will not lie nor go against His Words. SO………. may I see your drivers license, registration, & insurance please.

It’s a pity people want to blame God for their goofs. That has got to be the only time that I have ever written a sweet little old lady a speeding ticket.

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