Tips For Posting on a Christian Message Board

Actually, these suggestion would help on any Message Board. Give them a try.

1. It’s OK if your post is a one liner like “I’ll be praying” or “You made a good point”. A poor practice in posting is making one liner statements like “That’s just plumb dumb” or “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”. All you will get out of statements like that is a bad response and most likely a warning from a Moderator.

2. Always consider what you’ve written before you press the post button. You may never know what you may have omitted from a sentence that may make what you are saying totally opposite to what you really wanted to say.

3. If you’re angry with the person you are posting to, is right now the time to post or would after a bit of reflection be better. If the reason you are angry is personality conflict, maybe posting back to them isn’t the best course of action. Someone may be rough and not even realize it. Maybe asking a Moderator or Admin to talk to them for you or maybe some other person not involved being a mediator will be the way to make peace. Each situation is different and you what may work in one situation may not in another.

4. Try not to wonder far off the beaten path when participating in conversations. Keep the conversation in the area related to the Original Post (OP). If you go down too many rabbit trails with the conversation, you are doing a dis-service to the one who started the threads original intent. If you want to go down another pathway, start a new thread addressing that rabbit trail.

5. Don’t assume anything if there seems a problem with another poster. Ask the person who you might make an assumption over what they meant by what they said in a PRIVATE MESSAGE before you continue on… If the poster you have a problem with is just being plain out mean or un-Christian like, Report the post…

These are just a few suggestions to have a peaceful visit to these places.

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