Tracfone Bonus Codes For Jan. 2017

Cell phone service prices can get expensive. Especially if you’re just wanting a cell phone to talk back and forth on. Tracfone has given us just that with their “disposable phones”. Below are bonus time codes that will help you stretch your phone time money.

60 minutes cards

  • 12745 – Gives you 60 bonus minutes
  • 52464 – Gives you 30 bonus minutes
  • 55698 – Gives you 20 extra minutes

For 120 minutes cards

  • 12745 – Gives you 60 bonus minutes
  • 79679 – Gives you 30 bonus minutes

For 200 minutes Tracfone cards

  • 95250 – Gives you 40 bonus minutes

For 400 minutes 1 year Tracfone cards 

  • 11647 – Gives you 300 bonus minutes
  • 44854 – Gives you $15 off when you buy the 1 year Air Time card

Hope these help. I’ll make another list when Tracfone publishes them.

Happy Shopping!

Thrifty Nicholas

I’m a frugal guy when it comes to personal and business expenses. Not that I’m a cheapskate but I like to save money. My goal is to share savings with you all through my articles.

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