Understand the difference between home additions and remodeling

Home remodeling and home additions are almost analogous to each other in context. However, there is a vast difference between the two. Additions, in home improvement, pertain to the task of building supplementary features or outbuildings for an existing house. On the other hand, remodeling is simply the task of redecorating a certain part of the house. Remodeling may sometimes involve tearing walls down or building new ones to cut a room in half and make two rooms; still, that’s just remodeling, and not home additions.

It’s important to note too, that home additions are much more complicated than home remodeling. In home remodeling, the homeowner has only to decide on which décor would be best to replace the old one. Then a remodeling contractor will take care of the rest. The homeowner sits and waits, overseeing the remodeling task. Additions are more like constructions. In essence, it’s just home construction. A new portion is added to an already built structure for all sorts of reasons. That’s also why there are many types of home additions. The following are some of those types.

In home addition, each part of the house is taken into account. What’s missing in the big picture can be constructed separately, provided that there is enough exterior space adjacent to the house. Some of the most common home additions include bathroom additions, bedroom additions, living room additions and kitchen additions.

The problem with this type of home improvement task is that everything has to be considered. In simple remodeling, only the room in question is taken into account. The adjacent rooms are paid very little attention, in fact. In home additions, every part of the house has to be considered. If, for instance, the house already have a kitchen, it would be inappropriate to add another kitchen. It could be possible if the other kitchen was on the West wing of the mansion, and the new kitchen would be on the second floor on the East wing. Similarly, if the addition won’t be a new kitchen at all, but just an extension of the old kitchen, it will serve to maximize the space.

Bedroom additions are the easiest, although the contractor and homeowner still have to decide where to put the new bedrooms. The new bedrooms should, at the least, be located near the other bedrooms. If not, the new ones should have access to the living room area, and all other amenities in the house. The new bedrooms should share at least one feature with the others. A more complex type of home additions is one that adds a new complete house. Often, the new house is built as an outbuilding. The new house can serve many purposes, such as being a guest’s cabin, an outdoor cabin and so on.

Also keep in mind that the definition of this type of home improvement task will vary from place to place. In Connecticut, for example, home additions are very common. A lot of people, instead of buying new houses, would rather go for home additions. CT, in a way, is a state full of wise homeowners!

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