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Search engines have changed their methods considerably in the way they index sites. It’s no longer just submit your URL then expect a flood of visits to your site. These search engines are wanting meaningful content and relevance to their links. I agree whole heartedly with their decisions at being more selective. Why? Quite frankly relevance eliminates confusion and promotes order. Because of this choice by the search engines it is now a whole lot easier to find specifically what you are looking for when you search.

And search engines are paying a bunch more attention to message boards and forums for relevant content. The reason is that these sites are where the more in depth discussions on subjects are taking place. And being such are a great opportunity to give your site the exposure it needs.

The way to receive search engine attention is as follows:

1. Find message boards who’s subjects are similar to your sites content. If you have a website who’s subject is marketing, find a message board related to marketing. If your sites subject is ebooks, find a board who’s subject is ebooks.

And once you’ve located that particular board with that particular subject, register and take part in the discussions so that you can build a reputation as someone who is knowledgeable in that particular area. The search engines usually spider and index these boards daily and your post on the subject will be picked up by them.

Make sure you use an avatar with your account. Maybe a picture of yourself as this gives your posts a bit more personality.

2. Once you have established a number of posts on that board, look at the rules of that particular forum and see if they allow custom signatures. A signature is an area where you can post a little about you and what you do. It also shows up on every post you make in that message board and as a result, also in the search engines. I need to caution you though, do not go overboard on your signature. In other words, simply make mention of your site and the link to it. Do not try to openly advertise your product on the board. Many boards consider this as spam and will most likely get you banned.

3. Create your own message board and invite others to come and discuss your subject. I just recently did this myself and am now in the process of getting members. This puts the promotion in your hands. I does mean a bit more effort on your part but the rewards can be tremendous.

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