What is a Mechanical Drafter

Mechanical drafting or drawing is the art of creating illustrations used by engineers, architects, machine shop workers, wood workers, inventors, etc., in working out the details of constructive designs. In these drawings are the ways which ideas of the exact form, nature, shape, arrangement, and dimension of the parts in objects of a structural nature are expressed and made understandable to others.

Mechanical drafting enables the construction work of any kind to be carried on with accuracy, economy of time and material, and takes the place of lengthy verbal descriptions which would not be able to express with clarity and exactness the information required by the workman to create whatever they are building.

So then mechanical drafting is the graphic language of the mechanical creation of machinery and manufactured parts. A mechanical drawing that is properly dimensioned and prepared as a guide in constructing the object is called a working drawing. A mechanical drafter or draftsman is one who creates these types of drawings.

Because of the exact nature of the facts that are intended to record or convey the drawing is generally executed with the aid of instruments. In past times, instruments like a drafting board, drafting arm, tee square, or parallel bar, compass, protractors, scale rules, mechanical pens and pencils, were used in the creation of mechanical drawings. Over the past two decades a computer program call CAD or CADD (Computer Aided Drafting or Computer Assisted Design and Drafting) program is used.

Mechanical drafters are employed in areas such as structural engineering and architecture, factory fabrication, wood shops, etc.

My name is Tim Davis and I teach others how to draw house plans, site plans, mechanical and shop drawings and other types of drafting that I have been trained to do in a virtual school on the internet at http://draftingschool.net.

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