Whats more fun: vaping, or smoking?

There is a huge controversy all over the United States if vaping causes oil to stick in your lungs, to which Doctors are concerned “Oh, there’s no cure for removing this type of oil from your lungs, but you are just going to have to quit everything cold turkey, I wish ya the best of luck with that…..”

Um, no.

Smoking, permanent damage. Lung transplants. COPD, asthma, etc.

The average cost for Doctor visits regarding breathing problems if you are a smoker is anywhere between $133.00 in the US, $16.6 in France, $9.5 in UK, $6.2 in China and $2.8 in Canada. US wins.

Research is still being done on vaping, to which the only concern Doctors have today is the nicotine and nicotine levels in the vaping. From experience, from being a smoker since the age of 17, vaping having a whole range of flavors, nicotine levels and also colors with MODS and tanks to keep it interesting, I also find myself going back to vaping VS smoking. Having a lot of falls and stress levels make me want to have a whole pack of cigarettes in one sitting, but eventually for me that gets old, and I just want my good ‘ol vape back.

I have noticed in the 3 years of vaping, having asthma problems, I can breath a lot better at night and can sometimes walk a lot faster to get out of the store when I get tired of the overpowering crowd.

In Tennessee, a pack of cigarettes would cost me around $4.00 and some changed for the cheapest pack, to which would last me around a day, maybe a day and a half. One weeks of smoking would cost me around $31.50 a week (estimating what mood I was in). Vaping for the cotton, wire (which lasts around 6+ months) together was $11. Juice for a 30 ML bottle would cost anywhere between $20-$30 a month.

So, the cost have severely dropped since I switched to vaping. I feel a lot better, can move around without being so winded and also I had been able to buy more yarn to crochet since I’ve quit! Happy camper. Playing with vaping is fun, making clouds in my dad’s living room when he walks in, his face is always priceless. “What is all this?!” Haha.

But the biggest thing is, don’t encourage a smoker to stop smoking, if you, yourself are a smoker. I have learned that the hard way, trying to encourage friends.

And its all in your own personal preference.

Weaver Wife

One comment on “Whats more fun: vaping, or smoking?

  1. CountryGirl says:

    Vaping I find the best alternative, tired of that smoking for sure!