When pets are actually your “babies”.

When you’re young, happily married and not quite there yet to start a family, pets seem to always be the temporary “replacement” for that “baby fever”. There is actually more perks to having pets as your babies than actually having to go through the painful, sometimes unpleasant waiting game for 9 months, not to mention the noise, and less dependence. It really depends on your individual mindset though. Some people prefer animals as their babies, even though babies are worth the painful waiting game and dependence.

The biggest perks I have experienced with having a dog and a cat as my babies, they always know when you’re not feeling well. They cuddle, kiss ya (messily), pester the living daylights out of you to make sure YOU know they’re there.

Being diabetic since a young age of 13 with high blood pressure and mood swings dealing with daily “life”, they know when their Momma isn’t feeling good. They know when she is in a bad mood, they know when she is in a good mood and they for sure know when she is sick, and somehow know how much attention you can give them.

Dante, for example, knows his Momma will feed him, take him potty, when its play time and “work” time. When he is supposed to listen to Momma and for sure knows when he is in trouble. And he treats the cat Ana just like he would a dog sibling. They bicker and fight, knock over my picture frames on the piano from one trying to get away from another. But you can tell they love each other.

Ana does her own thing, doesn’t need much except when you hear the “feed me, meow” plea. But she knows who is her Momma and Daddy, and she shows her affection, along with her brother Dante.

Main point: having pets for children, even when you have to discipline (lay down the LAW. PUT that foot down, girl!… men.) and make them mad at you, they don’t stay mad for too long, their kind little hearts are so loyal. They may sneak out from time to time, but they always come back. They might cry, but just a little scratch behind those cute little ears calm them down. When they’re sad, holding them melts even their sorrows. And….. they will always be waiting at the door after you get back from grocery shopping (never fails).

When you give them your unconditional love, theirs always is 20x’s more. <3


Weaver Wife

4 comments on “When pets are actually your “babies”.

  1. Tom Swain says:

    I suppose I see your point of view. However, there’s nothing that can compare to holding your own newborn baby in your arms. Dogs and cats can be endearing, but the sweet human child is the greatest joy. Thank you for this fine article.

  2. CountryGirl says:

    I agree as well, animals do keep you some good company, sometimes even keep the babies occupied while you’re doing chores!….depends on if the animals are jealous though. Thats never a plus. But its always precious to watch!