An Easy Article Tutorial

You’re here to get exposure for your site using article marketing. Right? Well, lets see if I can help you with that.

Step 1

Write an article about the subject of your site or product. Simple, right? Well, it can be simple, but the trick to it is that you really don’t want to seem like you’re making a sales pitch. Surfers are looking for useful content, not spam. So write your article so that your reader is learning something that you’re knowledgeable about. If you can, use images in the body of your article to make it more interesting and attractive.

Step 2

Write a good biography that will compel the surfer to click on your link to learn more about your subject. Again, this doesn’t need to be all hyped up either. To the contrary, a simple “Hey, this is my site, please scope it out to find out more” with a link will do. This is where the simpler, the better is the rule.

Step 3

Submit it to every ezine directory you can find. But here’s a caveat though. To avoid the identical content rules of the major search engines, alter the wording a bit so it isn’t the same exact article. The best way to have your article ignored is to submit it identically to multiple directories.

As you’re submitting, pay attention to the keywords you’re using. They must be words found inside your article! If they’re not part of the content of your article, they aren’t keywords for that article. Using keywords that aren’t in your article can be considered keyword stuffing, and you want to avoid this at all costs.

Once submitted, click on whatever social media buttons available on that directory. This stirs the pot so that your article is immediately visible on those social media sites. Yes, search engines pay close attention to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pintrest, etc.

Step 4

After your article has been submitted to all these sites, do a search for your particular site on Google and Yahoo by placing the article title in quotes like this: “my site article for all to see”. Look at all the different sites carrying your article on the first page. These are called the Prime Results. You’ll need to place the URL to these results on your page on your site that has the same article. This makes for great back linking.

Step 5

Write fresh articles often, repeating steps 1, 2, 3, & 4!

Tim Davis is a trained architectural designer and web builder/programmer who has been building Architectural and Christian websites since 1995.

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