The Strangest Breed For A Hunting Dog

When I was around 12 years old, my mother decided she wanted to breed and show dogs, so she bought a pedigreed poodle name Jon Pierre. Man oh man, was she proud of her purchase and she wanted to include me to help her train Pierre to be a show dog. She introduced me to • Read More »

Building A Greenhouse

Outside gardeners that have a small greenhouse to nurture small seedlings have found that their greenhouse is handy as a hay rake after mowing day. After someone has owned a plant house for a few seasons, the next step is to build an addition and utilize the house or houses for crop production as well • Read More »

What the Machine Drafter Should Know

When studying machine drawing, it’s important to know what’s involved in becoming a drafter who, instead of just making drawings of the plans of others, is just as able to do original drawings themselves. To begin with, the ability to originate or make improvements on plans and designs can be developed by studying what others • Read More »

How to Build an Architectural Model

There are several methods of building a model of a house or building. When I designed modular homes in the early nineties, they had to be built quickly so that the client could get a better feel for their proposed home. The method I used was to take a 1/4″ scale plan view of the • Read More »

Choosing an Architect Or Designer For Your New Home Design

You’re going to build a new home, your first house. For years you’ve dreamed, scrimped and saved with the vision of your ideal home stirring you on. Finally you’ve accumulated enough money to make a down payment on a piece of land and your goal is finally within your reach. So how do you intend • Read More »

Drafting Fields

Drafting fields vary by the type of drawings they specialize in. Some of the different fields are architectural,  electrical and electronic, mechanical or machine, structural, boundary and topographical, general, illustrative, and tracing or reproductive, ship building or marine, clothing pattern, etc. Each of these fields have their own ways of getting an idea transferred to • Read More »

Working Drawings For Architecture

In architectural drafting, the working drawings are all plans, elevations, and details needed by the contractor along with the specifications, so that an estimate can be obtained and then the building can be constructed. These need to show all dimensions and be properly scaled. Any oddities of construction must be made clear on these drawings • Read More »

Gеnеrаtе a Stаtiс Website with Assemble

Onе of the first problems tо ѕоlvе, whеn wаnting to gеnеrаtе a website frоm flаt filеѕ (withоut a database), iѕ tо соmе uр with a flexible solution fоr ѕitе-widе nаvigаtiоn. In Assemble thiѕ соuld bе tасklеd like this in a “раrtiаl” hаndlеbаrѕ filе, hеrе nаv.hbѕ: <nav сlаѕѕ=”nаv” id=”nаv”>   <ul>     {{#withSort раgеѕ ‘data.sortOrder’}}       • Read More »

What is a Mechanical Drafter

Mechanical drafting or drawing is the art of creating illustrations used by engineers, architects, machine shop workers, wood workers, inventors, etc., in working out the details of constructive designs. In these drawings are the ways which ideas of the exact form, nature, shape, arrangement, and dimension of the parts in objects of a structural nature • Read More »