Planning and Building a Home

There are some things that can be said about planning and building a home. In fact, enough to more than fill several volumes of books containing house plans. Let me mention a few of those things that are really important when building. First of all, never build a home without obtaining a complete set of • Read More »

Opening a Drafting Service

After receiving the necessary education from either a good technical school or from apprenticing under a professional drafter, architect, or engineer, many people venture out to open their own drafting office. Make sure though that you do have enough training and experience to venture out on your own. Drafting is a highly specialized field, which • Read More »

What Constitutes a Marriage Recognized by God

First, the marriage of Adam and Eve was consecrated by God Himself. Marriage in fact is the first institution established by God for man. And it being the first must be very important. So important that the Savior likens the relationship of Himself and the church as a marriage which will be consecrated in Heaven • Read More »

About Magnetic Motors

Lately, there has been an great interest in “Free Energy”. Imagine never having to pay an electric bill or spend out hard earned money for gasoline for your car. We are already on the threshold of several different types of free energies which utilizes natural resources. And none of these are actually new concepts. A • Read More »

Web Promotion With Message Boards

Search engines have changed their methods considerably in the way they index sites. It’s no longer just submit your URL then expect a flood of visits to your site. These search engines are wanting meaningful content and relevance to their links. I agree whole heartedly with their decisions at being more selective. Why? Quite frankly • Read More »

Getting Noticed in a Crowded Internet

Getting seen on the search engines is a challenge. There’s got to be a gazillion websites on the internet and counting. You may think the odds are stacked against you to even get listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo. And if you do get listed, you get buried in the maze of hundreds • Read More »

The Drafting Board

Over the years as a draftsman, I have mastered several Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. AutoCAD, Generic CADD Level 3, Generic CADD 6, Generic CADD 3D, CadVance, TurboCad, and most recently, Chief Architect 8. Facts are though, I have been a drafter since the 1970’s and the one thing I keep coming back to is • Read More »

How To Become a Certified Freelance Drafter & CAD Operator

Are you earning enough a week to make ends meet? Can you reasonably expect your present job to pay you a top grade salary in the near future? If not, this article will probably interest you. We offer to qualify you for a profession which, at the very start, pays higher salaries than the average • Read More »

What Is A Scaled Drawing

A scaled drawing is one where an object that is being drawn is large or the object to be represented in the drawing is such a size that it’s impossible to draw full size on a sheet that can be conveniently handled in the shop where a part is being fabricated. In such cases, the • Read More »

Detail Drawings

A detail drawing shows each part of a machine separately. The parts are completely dimensioned and enough views are drawn so that the machinist can make the piece without any other instructions. If necessary, notes are added to the drawing to make the fabrication of the piece clearer. The details are sometimes drawn in the • Read More »