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Tips on Editing Spline Curves with ZWCAD

At the beginning of 2010, an article in a newsletter caught my eye. It was about the ZWCAD Design Contest 2010, and the topic for the contest was on designing the future. Winners would receive an iPod Touch or iPod Nano music player, and a license of the new ZWCAD 2010 software. The way I • Read More »

Economic Home Design and House Keeping

There is a definite relation between the work of the house keeper and that of the architectural designer. It is a part of the business of the designers to do what he can to make housekeeping easy. He or she can do a great deal. They should understand the principles and practice of good housekeeping. • Read More »

Methods of Learning Architecture and Drafting

I have spent the better part of my life studying architecture and drafting. As a boy, I used to pester the daylights out of a local architect who had an office close to my home. I would offer to clean and take out the garbage just to get a chance to watch him work. He • Read More »

7 Tips for SolidWorks Freelancers

SolidWorks freelancers are the ones banking on a lot of money these days. All they do is take SolidWorks training, learn the ins and outs of the CAD software program, and start making money from freelance sites. If you’ve some experience in SolidWorks and are willing to monetize your expertise, then don’t wait for long. • Read More »

Architectural Detail Drawings

Architectural details are drawings that are made at a larger scale than the floor plans and elevations. They are used to accurately describe the various methods of construction. The scale of detail drawings vary according to the need. 3/4″ = 1′ – 0″ is a good size for the general details like exterior elevations and • Read More »

Structural Drafting

Structural drafting can be defined as the discipline of making drawings of structural objects, then placing descriptive dimensions and other notes on that drawing that when placed together, will communicate the needed information for the creation, and in some cases the finishing of a structure. In making of these drawings, super accuracy in drafting is • Read More »

Drawing An Architectural Roof Plan

If you’ve ever looked over a set of house plans, you should find several pages containing a floor plan or plans, electrical plan, exterior views or elevations, etc. The roof plan is sometimes overlooked on some plans but it is actually a very important feature to a full set of plans. A roof plan is • Read More »

Using The Fillet Command In AutoCAD

One of the handiest tools in your AutoCAD arsenal is the “fillet” command. Why is it so handy? Well, if you have two lines that you want to join that are at different angles to a junction point, it does this and also lets you to draw an arc between two intersecting lines or adjacent • Read More »

What Does A Draftsman Do?

A draftsman or drafter is someone who is trained in creating technical drawings. Their job is to take the sketches, concepts, and specifications of professional architects, engineers, machinists, or inventors and build the necessary illustrations from which that idea can be implemented or fabricated in a methodical and practical format. The tools of the trade • Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Set of House Plans

Depending on how much detail your builder or local building inspector requires, the minimum set of plans should include the floor plan, exterior elevations, foundation or basement plan, and a roof plan drawn to scale. Just so you’ll know, a scale is nothing more than a shrunken ruler so that 1′ -0″ (12 inches) is • Read More »