Losing That Fat Belly

What a title for an article, huh? Well, that’s the subject. This worked for me but I’m not going to promise you’ll get the results I did. Hey, I wasn’t even looking to loose weight when all of a sudden it became the end result of dealing with a memory problem.

I’m fifty eight now and the memory wasn’t working like I wanted it to. I did a little research and found out that if I take Gingko Biloba regularly it would help my memory. My wife got wind of what I was wanting to do and asked if I would take some multi vitamins along with the Gingko. Never turned my wife down before and wasn’t going to start now. She purchased the multi vitamins and I started taking both once a day.

Within three weeks I started noticing my belt becoming more loose around the waist. Not a great amount, just a little. Shoot, I thought the old belt was just starting to stretch a bit so I went and purchased a new size forty belt like I’d been wearing for the past few years. Didn’t even try it on until I got home and the darndest thing happened, it was too large. Being curious, I pulled out an old pair of size thirty eight jeans I had packed away and surprise, surprise, they fit. Holy Smokes. Didn’t want to waste the belt I just purchased so I drilled a new hole in it and put it to use.

Mind you, the only thing I started doing different was taking the Biloba and the vitamins. So, I experimented a bit. I had heard that drinking cola regularly makes you retain weight. So I cut down on my cola intake. Wouldn’t ya know it, in two more weeks I had to add another notch in my belt.

Like I said, it may not work for you, but there’s no harm trying. If I keep this up I’ll be a size thirty six in another week or so. I haven’t wore a size thirty six since I was in the navy thirty years ago. Oh, almost forgot! The memory is better now also. True story guys.

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