Making Chocolate Creams With Fruit Centers cherries, drained and dipped first in melted fondant flavored with almond, and then coated with chocolate, are delicious. A fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored, used in the making of candy and the icing and decoration of cakes.

Bits of candied pineapple dipped into fondant flavored with pineapple, lemon or orange and then coated with the chocolate, are great.

Work some thick pear preserves into fondant, add a little chopped candied ginger, and when cool coat with chocolate. Or before coating them with chocolate dip in fondant flavored with lemon or vanilla.

Peach preserves dried in the oven, cooled and dipped in almond flavored fondant, then coated with chocolate, is another good combination.

Whole strawberry preserves, drained of all juice, rolled in powdered sugar, then coated with chocolate, are delicious.

Chopped candied cherries mixed into melted fondant either flavored with vanilla or almond, formed into bonbon shape, then coated with melted chocolate, are fine. Some of these cherry centers may be left white and red, or the fondant used can be colored rose and pink with a few drops of red fruit coloring.

Candied lemon rind, orange rind or citron can be cut up into small pieces, worked into fondant, and then coated with chocolate. Yellow fondant flavored with orange or lemon can be used with orange and lemon rind.

Stiff marmalade’s and jellies can be cut into fancy shapes, dipped into melted fondant of different flavors, and when 0001 coated with chocolate.

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  1. Rachael Mills says:

    Hmmm, these looks enticing, thanks for the tips, I am going to pen this down and try them out one after the other.

  2. Gemma says:

    I learned chocolate creams can very nice, I never came across the processes of making it before. Sounds very easy and interesting making chocolate cream with fruit centers. I will undertake more research on it. Thanks