Article Ezines and Directories

I’ve been a webmaster since 1995 and have always had to struggle with search engine placement. But now, with the advent of ezine sites and the search engines hunger for fresh content, my life’s become a bit simpler and less hectic also. Content that’s relevant to certain subjects is the key. In a move to • Read More »

An Education In Mechanical Drafting

Drafting is a form of graphic expression so it is therefore a type of language. When applied in the engineering field, drawing or drafting is mechanical in character and is used primarily for the purpose of communicating information related to the construction of machines and structures. It is then reasonable to believe that the methods • Read More »

Doing What You Can From Where You Are

We’re limitless within the design of our humanity, yet we go about pretending we have no power. So focused on what burdens our mind, our heart has such little vision for inspiration, never seeing we’re powerful beyond measure from where we are. From where you are, you have unique insight to make an inimitable contribution • Read More »

Straw Bale Homes – Advantages of Alternate Construction Methods

Let’s face it, this planet is in a crisis. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. To create the energy we needed to sustain our modern comforts, we’ve polluted our atmosphere with countless gasses that’ll eventually warm the planet. A major part of this is the energy we squander heating and cooling our homes which is • Read More »

How To Say No To Someone Without Feeling Guilty

One of the Reasons I Push For My Clients To fill up their daily planner…and I mean fill it up…is because, if you really think about it…that’s real life. Try to remember when you last had time to just sit and do nothing. No laundry to do, no cooking, no housework. Everything in your life • Read More »

How To Train Your Dog

There’s a few rules you need you understand before teaching a dog tricks. If you keep those few rules in mind firmly before you try to teach a single trick, you’ll have less trouble and you will be amazed at what you can teach most any dog. Keep your temper. That means that if you • Read More »

Woodworking Plans And What Should Be Included On Them

If you’re looking for a good woodworking plan, there are a few things that need to be considered. 1. Is there a cut sheet and or material list? A cut sheet is the parts of the piece individually noted and dimensioned so that they can be properly fabricated. A material list is a shopping list • Read More »