Save Money on Commercial Building Design with an Architectural Designer

In more urban areas, and with larger commercial buildings, an architect may be required by law to make the architectural design and blueprints for it. In more suburban or rural areas, however, an experienced architectural designer is all that is necessary to give you the quality commercial building blueprints needed. This will enable you to save a lot of money in the process as long as your building doesn’t exceed the legal square footage limit of the state you live in.

It is also possible that an architectural designer has worked at some time for an architect, receiving quality training and experience in all sorts of buildings. This enables them to be able to not only accurately provide you with the architectural building plans you need, but also to make recommendations about practical changes, too, so that the commercial building is more user-friendly.

What Is Needed for a Commercial Building Plan?

A contractor has to have accurate building plans from which to construct the building. These come from architectural CAD programs, which are made after a building designer has made the initial sketches of the building layout.

From these early drawings, an architectural drafter takes them and puts together the drawings needed for the commercial building. These architectural drawings include the various views, foundation, elevations, sections, floor plans, and much more.

Detailed architectural plans of a commercial building are also made when further information has to be supplied because it cannot be shown on the larger building plans. These are made as needed to reveal precise details of construction and are often used to show methods of framing, the floor into the walls, roof lines, cornice, moldings, and more. Other areas requiring detail drawings may include stairways, doors, fireplaces and other places that may be especially decorative.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Architectural Designer?

The commercial building plans you need can be drawn rather quickly as needed. In addition, modifications can be added rather easily and clients often have the ability to work closer with a architectural designer than with an architect who may have a lot of projects going on at the same time. The best feature of using a general drafter is probably the price. They cost less and can give you the same quality drafting design you need for your commercial building.

Tim Davis is an experienced architectural designer who has designed and drawn many commercial buildings and homes of all sizes for a number of satisfied clients. Specific questions and prices about your commercial design can easily be obtained by contacting his office through the Website at

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