Scale Drawings of House Plans

Working drawings contain all plans, elevations (both exterior and interior views), sections, scale details and full size details necessary for the adequate construction of a home. The scale drawings of a structure are those which show the general layout of the entire building, locating the various features of the layout, showing their relation to each other and giving the needed dimensions required to accurately complete the construction.

The scale drawings of the architectural designer or architect in a certain way, resemble the assembly drawings of the machine designer. The characteristic of the designers scale drawings are that it deals with in general conditions of the home and clarifies them by symbols rather than to showing each feature exactly as it would look in real life.

To give an example, a fireplace is shown on a scale drawing by dimensioning to its center line on the plan. Then on the detailed drawings, everything is thoroughly shown and completely dimensioned. So in other words a scale drawing is merely an general representation while the more accurate description is left for the detail sheet.

To determine a scale, the first thing to be decided on the scale drawings is the scale that they will be drawn at. This is determined by the size of the building and the degree we want to go into detail.

The average residential drawing is drawn at a scale of 1/4″ = 1′- 0″ (one quarter inch equals one foot and zero inches), while a very large house must be drawn at a scale of 1/8″ = 1′ – 0″ (one eight inch equals one foot and zero inches). The size of the sheet is often determined by the scale of the drawing.

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