Some Considerations For A Residential Electrical Plan

The amount and location of wall switches for the house are directly related to amount of light fixtures and other appliances that are hard wired to the circuit box. Pick a convenient location for the switch so that it can be conveniently reached when entering a room.

Whenever a ceiling fan is placed in a room and there’s a light fixture connected to it, it is good practice to place at least two circuit wires to the switch. You also do this with any bathroom fixture that has more than one function, like a heat fan light.

Wall outlets also known as electrical receptacles, should be placed where they are most convenient. Local and national codes generally state that these should be placed a minimum of 6 feet apart. There are some home owners who request that the top part of the receptacle be wired to a wall switch so that a lamp can be turned on from a convenient location. Any wall receptacles which are a minimum of 6 feet from any water source must be ground fault interrupt circuits (GFI). These need to be properly labeled on the plan.

Any light fixtures that are placed within the bathroom, for instance in the shower stall or bath tub, must be a waterproof fixture. You wouldn’t want to electrocute your client, now would you. Also make sure that the switches aren’t close to the bathtub or the shower so that if your client should reach out of the shower, they would get shocked. This rule also applies to the kitchen and laundry room.

Light fixtures that are located outside of the house need to be waterproof exterior fixtures. An electrical receptacle placed on the exterior must be ground fault also. It is always a good idea to plan out the home where there is proper lighting on the exterior. Make sure that you give that plenty of thought.

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