What Is Internet Search Marketing And Why This Should Be An Ongoing Job

What is Internet search marketing As the name suggests, it is the work of marketing a website on the Internet so that it can come up at the search engine results pages. The basic idea here is to enhance web visibility so that the website can get a lot of Internet traffic. This is of course very important because without adequate traffic, no website can be successful. You might be offering the best product or service out there, but the world must know about it. And it is your, or your marketer’s responsibility to spread the word because if you are not doing some sort of marketing, you are losing out to your competitors.

Internet Search Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

To come up in the search engine results pages, you need search engine optimization or SEO. Perhaps 10 years back this was not really necessary because if you had a good website and if you published a lot of content, then your website would be ranked well. But not anymore. Today there is a lot of competition out there and a vast majority of websites are doing SEO to achieve great ranks at the search engines. So you will need to market your website too.

However when you are trying to do SEO yourself or when you are trying to hire a company for this, you should know that while there are many search engines out there, the most important ones are Google, Yahoo and MSN or Bing. This is because most of the web traffic comes from just these three sources. If your website is indexed and ranked well in these search engines, chances are, you will rank well at the other places too because many other search engines source their rankings from these three.

Over the last few years Google has been the most important search engine as it provided more than 50% of all search traffic. However in recent times, Bing is becoming popular rapidly and so, you cannot ignore this anymore. So when you are carrying out Internet search marketing, do not forget to concentrate on Bing as well.

Internet Search Marketing And Algorithms

An algorithm is a formula that is followed by the search engines to rank websites. Every search engine has its own algorithm or the way it ranks websites. However, there are many common elements between the various algorithms of the search engines. For instance, content is always important and if your website has a lot of keyword rich content, it is likely that you will achieve good ranks in all the three places. How many incoming links you have is also important.

However you should know that the algorithms followed by the search engines are closely guarded secrets. No one, no matter how experienced or widely informed the person is, knows what the exact algorithm of Google or Bing is. In other words, no one knows exactly how many points Google gives to a website that has a lot of content, and no one knows how to define adequate content or an adequate number of incoming links. At most what the marketers know is that these things are important in the algorithm. This is why the internet search marketing company should keep adding content and keep seeking incoming links. This is what makes internet search marketing an ongoing job.

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