Wood-One Of Nature’s Best Insulators

An advantage of solid wood structures that log cabin owners are pleased to acknowledge, is the energy performance of a properly constructed log cabin.

The inherent ability of solid log walls to “store” heat helps to guarantee less fluctuation in your homes inside temperature, leading to lower energy bills and reduced consumption of fuel. Both of these benefits are particularly attractive to today’s log cabin owner.

Wood is one of natures best insulators. When solid log walls are stacked using today’s sophisticated log construction techniques, the results are log homes that are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than their conventionally constructed neighbors. Adirondack Country Log Homes can assist you during any phase of your construction or provide turn-key service. See web site www.adkcountryloghomes.com for a unique introduction to log cabin living and construction.

The traditional “R-Value” associated with any one log can vary depending on thickness and log species. The energy efficiency of an Adirondack Country Log Home depends upon a property of wood called “Thermal Capacitance”. Simply put, the cells that make up the logs structure do not allow the easy transfer of heat from the inside of the log cabin to the outside making your log cabin warmer in the winter. Further, during the summer months heat is not transferred easily to the inside living spaces helping to keep your log cabin cooler.

Year after year the states that boast the greatest number of newly constructed log homes are located in some of the coldest and most unforgiving areas of the nation. Although it is difficult to imagine a more perfect setting for a log home than the natural beauty of the dramatic sites found in places like Colorado,Pennsylvania,the Adirondack Park in New York state and Montana;they also feature harsh weather conditions marked by climate extremes.Modern log home living is the key to comfort.

Adirondack Country Log Homes and Paul Winters-owner are Certified Green Builders and it does not get any Greener then starting out with hand-peeled red pine logs for energy efficiency and the rustic look of a full log cabin “Affordable Authentic”. For lots of pictures see www.adkcountryloghomes.com

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